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Three Benefits of a Humidifier

You may ask yourself: how does a humidifier actually help? Well, as a human, you consist of 60% of water. Consider what happens to your body if the house you live in literally dries you out? Exactly, ailments and other inconveniences. With a humidifier you keep the humidity in the house at a healthy level so that these inconveniences no longer occur. We give you 5 reasons why you need a humidifier in your home.

How do you know if the humidity is too low?

Do you suffer from dry skin, irritated airways, irritating eyes, headaches or static electricity? Then there is a good chance that the humidity in your home is too low. But even without one of these complaints, it is possible that the humidity is not good. An easy way to find out is to use a hygrometer. This device indicates whether you are below or above the recommended humidity of 40 - 60%.

The Benefits.

Fortunately, almost all the inconveniences that you experience thanks to low humidity in the winter can be solved with a humidifier in the house!

  • Better for your health

If the humidity in your house is low, this can have an effect on your health. You notice this because, for example, you suffer from irritated airways, a stinging throat, dry skin, headache and fatigue. Many people see this as an inconvenience that comes with it during the winter months. But with a humidifier in your home you will have much fewer problems with this.

  • Better for your house
In addition to the effect on your health, low humidity also affects your home and furniture. By keeping the humidity in the house up to date, you can prevent your wooden floor from cracking. Wooden floors contain a small amount of moisture that is absorbed by the low humidity. The same happens with leather furniture. Just like a wooden floor, they can dry out and therefore even break. But your plants will also be grateful to you, since low humidity can be fatal for them. Plants naturally need moisture anyway, but also get it from the air.
  • Less static electricity
If the humidity in our house drops, we regularly receive electric shocks. Since we use a humidifier we no longer suffer from this! Due to low humidity, the amount of static electricity in the home is much higher. When you sit on the couch in the evening, the friction slowly charges you. As soon as you touch your laptop or open the door to the corridor, you get an electric shock. Glad it's a thing of the past!

If you get one, get a cool one.

This deer humidifier removes harmful substances and unpleasant odors from the air. This Ultrasonic humidifier with cold misting can be ultrasonically misted, which ensures an optimal indoor climate in rooms up to 35m². The water reservoir is large enough for medium-sized rooms. The ionization ensures purified and fresh air with oxygen ions. An additional advantage of this humidifier is that you can also evaporate aroma during the air circulation! You do need a special essential oil that is suitable for humidifiers. The filter of the device can be cleaned easily and does not need to be replaced and also ensures that no bacteria form in the water. 

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